Hey, I'm Carson.

craftsman & designer of Holdwell


I build home goods and shaving accessories with a modern eye for efficiency and functionality.


And angles...




I'm not always working on things to sell. I often have projects for the home, garden, and other things I can slap some wood on.


Testing out the branding iron

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What's branded with the Holdwell name. I enjoy creating items for the home and testing their use personally to make sure they're of sound construction, pleasing design, and practical. Visit my Etsy storefront for current inventory.

About Carson


When I’m not covered in sawdust breathing out of a respirator I’m teaching graphic design full time at a local university. I also have a BFA in Fine Art and use the principles from both disciplines to influence my work. I use joinery to convey unity, biased angles for movement, and striking wood tones for contrast. I find inspiration in rudimentary geometry and enjoy finding ways to echo it in my work.


I also enjoy spending time and traveling with my beautiful wife, coffee brewing, working on my blue plates, riding motorcycles, and getting sucked into learning things I'll likely never have a use for - but just might.



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